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Train your dog with our expert services for a well-behaved pet!


Puppy/adult obedience


Aggression/reactivity training


On/off leash training


All unwanted behaviors

expert dog training based in Richmond, va.

We are Dog Dudes K9 Training, a premier dog training company serving Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. We offer obedience help for all dogs and ages, behavioral aggression and reactivity help and much more through our personally tailored training.

Private Lessons

We offer one on one tranning for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Board and Train

Our board and train program is perfect for clients who want fast results.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification program covers all types of aggression, anxiety and unwanted behaviors.

Dog Training Tailored To you

At The Dog Dudes K9 Training, we believe that every dog is unique and deserves individual attention and tailored training plans to reach their full potential. That’s why we offer a variety of training programs and services to fit the specific needs of each dog and owner.

Day Training

We'll do the work!

14 day board and train

We spend all the time to build a solid foundation and work around all the distractions out in public to get your dog ready to go where you go on or off the leash.
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Drop off, We train, Pick Up

Don't want to spend a night away from your furry companion?

9 day board and train

We build an amazing foundation of obedience but focus on obedience around the home and walks in your area to make your dog the star of neighborhood on or off the leash.
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Build the Foundation

A shorter program designed to build your dog's obedience piec by piece.

Communication is key

Learn to communicate effectively with your dog and be confident in their execution of your commands!
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Puppy Training

Puppy training programs designed to help your puppy get started with the basics.

Structure and expectations

Like children, dogs thrive in the predictability of structure and expectations. Be the leader of your dog and your family and teach them how to understand the value that comes from listening to you!
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On Leash Obedience

Teach your dog to obey every command on leash.

Unwanted Behaviors

Your dog will be amazing out in public and have an understanding of boundaries we set for not jumping on people or on the counter or running away from you.
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Off Leash Obedience

Complete freedom off leash!

E-Collar Training

The ecollar is paramount in communication with a dog off of a leash. Think of it as a way to get your dogs attention and each dog has a different sensitivity to a leash just as an e-collar and teaching you and your dog how to properly use one is part of our program.
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Reactivity Training

Turn the volume down for the excessive reactions!

Reactive to Calm

Reactivity can be tricky. If your dog is loud and reacting to it's environment, allow us to help turn them into a calm and collected dog!
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Aggression Rehab

Is your Dog human or dog aggressive?


Dealing with aggression can be extremely dangerous. Leave it to the experts and learn how to control and manage your dog's behavior.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Yes! This tool is paramount to creating confidence with obedience. We also offer training without the e-collar but come to training with an open mind on how to create exceptional results using the method of operant conditioning. Creating the moment to positively reinforce your dogs proper execution of your command is no small task. Let us show you the best way to get there!e

Both! We offer a 2 week board and train or owner led private lessons! Both will produce the results you want, it comes down to who is putting the work and patience in with your dog.

No, but you and your family will need to adjust your habits to continue to support your dogs new behavior. Training you is half the battle! We have to acknowledge how much we as owners do that creates the opportunity for our dogs to misbehave or to not behave in way want. Much like raising children, identifying your expectations and boundaries is paramount to a good relationship.