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Hey this is Andy with Dog Dudes K9 Training!

Allow me to explain how we can help you and your dog.

Two week board and train

During the board and train you will get daily updates from your trainer and be in constant contact and on the last day we meet with you to teach you all the amazing skills your dog has learned! Training you is half the battle and of course anyone else in the family.

Our training is about creating the best quality of life for you and your dog through proper communication and expectations. We guarantee the training we do in the board and train! 

The board and train is $2800.

Your dog will learn-

This training covers work at home as well as exposing your dog to multiple environments to desensitize them to distractions and create confidence you can depend on!

The private lessons are $700 and consist of 5 private one on one sessions with you and your dog. You are expected to work your dog 45 min to an hour a day at least at home to get ready for the next lesson. 

Your dog will learn-

The 9 day board and train -$1800.00

We focus on the same commands except down around the neighborhood and at home. This will give you good control at home and on your walks, and a good platform for you to begin exposing to more distractions to further your training on our own.

Your dog will learn-